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Maiden Fonts

Over the years, Iron Maiden have used various styles of typography (also commonly known as “Font faces”) on their cover art and other materials. These faces vary from the common to the obscure, and some have even been immortalized into TTF (TrueType Font) form by enthusiasts. In this article, we will briefly cover some of the font styles Iron Maiden have used throughout their art, and in some cases how you can recreate common looks with the font. This information could be useful for anyone creating art or websites in the Iron Maiden community, as well as anyone who has a general interest in the creation of the Maiden cover & promotional art.

You can read the full article and  obtain these fonts for your own media projects from Link




Another great option is the font page on the Iron Maiden Bulgaria Fan Club site Link


We lost a great talent and a genuine guy one year ago....RIP Roddy B…

Fans Say..

JonnyHopper86: Wow. @MaidenUK666 were absolutely amazing tonight. Never seen a tribute act like them.
mrcrh11: @Cumbria_Live @MaidenUK666 cracking singer with so much energy saw them @TrilliansRock last year.
Best start the week with a bit of Maiden 😁 via @youtube #uptheirons